Tommy Johnagin

It's often mentioned in write-ups about comedian Tommy Johnagin that he doesn't curse onstage, and it's true. But Johnagin notes that, while his act is indeed profanity-free, it's not necessarily clean. "I'm a regular guy, you know. I think about sex—a lot. They're lucky I don't talk about it for the whole 45 minutes." Johnagin is one of the country's fastest-rising comedians, an excellent joke writer whose act is biographical and sometimes extremely revealing. He talks about his troubled sex life with his ex-fiancée, his inability to defend himself, and a particularly ill-fated (and accidental) trip to the gynecologist as a teenager. "I had to skip over a few questions, sure," he quips. "There was a couple 'not applicables.'" His candor and incisive writing have earned the soft-spoken comic accolades at Montreal's prestigious Just for Laughs festival and appearances on Comedy Central and NBC's Last Comic Standing, as well a chance to perform for his childhood idol, David Letterman. All week he'll be recording for his second album, to be released by 18+.
Jan. 19-23, 8 p.m.; Jan. 22-23, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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