Tom Jones

It's not unusual for a fading music star to retool his or her career to fit the current trends. What is unusual is for a singer to do it repeatedly and successfully for 40 years. That's what makes Tom Jones's musically nomadic career an anomaly. Jones has bounced from genre to genre, racking up chart-toppers and platinum records. When the saturated orchestral sound that fueled his initial success began to sound stale, Jones donned a cowboy hat and tried his hand as a country crooner. When his career as a hillbilly bought the farm, he threw on a tuxedo and played the role of lounge act (becoming BFFs with Elvis along the way). Jones then succeeded in the realm of dance music in the '80s by collaborating with the Art of Noise on a version of Prince's "Kiss." With the dawn of grunge, Jones lost his winning way for a few years, but on the verge of a new millennium, he reclaimed his cultural relevance in 1999 with Reload, an album of mostly covers he collaborated on with young stars. Always a fiend for touring, Jones still has fans who toss underwear and hotel room keys onstage when he performs. After decades of proving that all he needs to succeed is his baritone, Jones tours with a catalog that doesn't merely reflect his varied career, it paints a comprehensive picture of pop music history.
Saturdays, Sundays, 7:30 p.m. Starts: March 15. Continues through March 16, 2008

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