Tom Davis

Legend has it that in days long since passed, NBC's Saturday Night Live was both funny and edgy. Historical records are sketchy at best, but archeologists have discovered early footage of the comedy program that indicates the show was consistently hilarious in both goofy and political ways. They have recently unearthed a document they believe will help them understand the show's origins with a level of clarity that had previously been unimaginable. Tom Davis, an original writer for SNL and Al Franken's longtime writing partner (in a related legend, Franken was once a successful comedy writer before becoming a senator), has produced a memoir, 39 Years of Short-Term Memory Loss: The Early Days of SNL from Someone Who Was There (Grove Press), about his time helping to create what is now a NBC staple. Davis will make an appearance in Minneapolis to discuss his book and perhaps shed light on how SNL went from Stuart Smalley to whatever dreck Seth Meyers et al. are airing each week. For more info call Magers & Quinn at 612.822.4611.
Thu., March 12, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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