Todd Snider

With characteristic perversity, Todd Snider waited until the final throes of Dubya's inglorious incumbency to deliver a lacerating rebuke to the Texas twiddler. Peace Queer, released last October, never mentions the former Oval Occupant by name, but it's abundantly clear where the often-surrealistic, going-on-dadaist antiwar drift of the album is aimed. Track one borrows a Bo Diddley beat while ridiculing the infamous grand pronouncement "Mission Accomplished," two others echo befuddled Bush bleatings in front of a microphone ("Is This Thing Working?"), and the heart of the disc is a terrific folk-blues reading of John Fogerty's "Fortunate Son," which managed to nail Dubya's essence 30 years ahead of time. Snider's a satirist from way back. His most famous tune, "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues," was a send-up of the then-prevailing alt-rock nirvana, and he's continued to poke witticisms at whatever strikes his fancy while plying a sound stretched along the Americana continuum from folk to blues to rock 'n' roll. Peace Queer will leave you up to your armpits in delectable metaphoric debris about the erstwhile state of the nation; a little late maybe, but as Dubya's own philosophy would concede, what the hell. All ages.
Wed., March 4, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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