Todd Menton CD-Release Show

This gathering on Cedar Avenue (well, inside the Cedar, probably) will mark the release of The Dolmen Field (New Folk), Todd Menton's third solo album. Menton is also the lead singer of Boiled in Lead, and a good bit of Dolmen reflects BiL's rock 'n' reel obsessions, particularly when his electric guitar conjures up drone-like figures drenched in reverb and punkish attitude. Elsewhere, Menton's traditional inclinations prevail as he sings vintage Celtic ballads and sympathetic originals with an authoritative voice that sounds rooted in Connemara, not Minnesota. Menton also airs out his experimental side by enlisting industrial percussion meisters Savage Aural Hotbed, which adds thunderous stomps to a ringing Celtic medley, and whining sound effects that yield to a charming tin-whistle melody. Steve Lehto, John Wright, and Matt Jacobs of Lehto & Wright also contribute to a couple of album cuts. SAH will help out at the Cedar, and for good measure, Kevin Kling will also be there, allegedly to play didgeridoo.
Thu., Dec. 18, 7 p.m., 2008

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