Todd Barry

Like many standup comics, Todd Barry has had a few day jobs. He's been, among other things, a clerk at an STD clinic, a tennis court maintenance man, and a substitute teacher. The last was his final day job. "As a substitute teacher you're actually doing very little teaching," he confesses. "I definitely control a standup crowd better than I control seventh-graders in New York City." The Bronx native has had his own episode of Comedy Central Presents, and has logged several appearances on all of the late-night talk shows, as well as The Howard Stern Show. He's a blend of Owen Wilson's cadence, Steven Wright's dryness, and his own original take on daily life. Barry never gets terribly excited or animated, but provides a steady flow of laughs. Given his work experience, he has no trouble offering career advice to his audience: "I was talking to a guy who said he'd go on MTV's The Real World 'cause he could put it on his résumé," Barry laughs. "Imagine putting The Real World on your résumé. That could really backfire. Ten years later when you're at a job interview, they're like 'Oh yeah, you were on The Real World. You're the guy who wouldn't lend Becky the shampoo. You're not really a team player, are you? We're looking for team players at Wal-Mart.'"
May 13-17, 8 p.m.; May 16-17, 10:30 p.m., 2008

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