Though Tom Fec, the man behind Tobacco, is better known for his lackadaisical psychedelicisms in Black Moth Super Rainbow, his solo work mystifies equally. While the drippy hedonism and retro posturing of BSRM are not altogether done away with, in Tobacco Fec takes a harder edge. In spots, his cadre of analog synthesizers nearly grunts in between hip-hop flourishes he adds to trademark pastoral undulations. It's an acid-pop wizard's take on the gritty city. And this time it's the gum on the sidewalk that's under the microscope, instead of glittery bubble pops. But when run through Fec's masterful toolbox, the inversions please. Joining the Pittsburgh native Friday are fellow Midwesterners the Hood Internet, profferers of hip-hop/pop-star mashups, and the newly West Coast-transplanted High Places, the perpetually touring dream-pop duo. 18+.
Fri., April 2, 9 p.m., 2010

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