To Have It About You: The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

Do you feel an urge to collect art, but worry about the effect that such a hobby would have on your wallet? The efforts of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel serve as a prime example of how to purchase pieces over decades on a limited budget. While we often think of dynasty families endowed with millions as the primary collectors of art, they aren't the only ones hanging masterpieces on their walls. Though Dorothy was a reference librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, while Herbert's main source of income was working at the United States Postal Service, they managed to purchase an impressive array of pieces. The couple lived for more than four decades with their massive collection in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Many of the pieces they commissioned were the results of working closely with artists, and even include touching items like birthday cards. In recent years, 50 pieces have been distributed to select museums in 50 states. The Weisman was chosen to be the Minnesota location. This complex collection ranges from drawings to paintings to photography and spans artistic movements, including pieces from minimalist, conceptual, figurative, and expressionist eras by over 170 artists. This unique exhibit is an excellent opportunity to check out the work of many contemporary artists.
Oct. 23-Jan. 10, 2009

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