Titus Andronicus

It's nothing new for a rock band out of New Jersey to ride a bit on Springsteen's coattails (especially now that the Boss is fashionable among indie outfits), but Titus Andronicus aren't satisfied with rewriting "Born to Run." Still, it's fitting that a group that takes after an American icon should illustrate the melting pot concept so well; they borrow liberally enough that it's not difficult to pick out heroes like the Pogues or Sham 69, but every influence has been blended together into a sound that's singular enough to earn the young band tons of high-profile accolades following the release of their '09 debut. A new album (The Monitor) based loosely on the Civil War and a band name cribbed from Shakespeare may reveal the group's bookish tendencies, but the booze-fueled working-class fight songs and shout-along choruses steamroll any notion of mildness you might have had. Forget hair gel and GTL; these guys are doing the Garden State proud using nothing but pure rock 'n' roll. 18+.
Mon., April 5, 8 p.m., 2010

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