Ring in the new year with randy puppets. Tipsy Kangaroo’s Naughty Puppet Revue


Tipsy Kangaroo's Naughty Puppet Revue

Dec. 31
10 p.m.
Holiday, Theater

The oddities of a standard New Year’s Eve party have nothing on the madcap scenes unleashed by Tipsy Kangaroo’s Naughty Puppet Revue. Created by an irreverent crew of accomplished local puppeteers (whose collective résumé includes work for the Muppets and Disney), each Tipsy Kangaroo show is known for infusing improv comedy with live puppetry. To be clear, these particular puppets shouldn’t be confused with family-friendly entertainment, as the ribald characters voice profanities with a glee that would traumatize their more wholesome polyfoam cousins. Equally distinctive is Tipsy Kangaroo’s eagerness to direct attention behind the curtain, putting the spotlight on the puppeteers as they skillfully animate characters created by the Puppet Forge, a Minnesota company. The crew will respond to prompts from the audience, and the interactive appeal is heightened by the way Tipsy Kangaroo films the performance, screening the framed display on a monitor during the show. In this way, audiences can watch the “televised” results alongside the puppeteers in action. 16+.