Galen Higgins


Time Track Productions: Invisible

Daily from Feb. 15-17
7:30 p.m.
Feb. 17
2 p.m.
$20-$24; $12 students, seniors, and children

Dancers grow old in the land of the young. By middle age they can’t move as fast, jump as high, or tap into the robust physicality of their younger cohorts. But in her new work, Invisible, choreographer Paula Mann assembles a cast of women from 25 to 77 who exemplify the subtlety and emotional range that only dancing through a lifetime can bring. Mann’s cast of iconic area dancers explores the alternative narrative of energized aging. This stylistically and culturally diverse group includes Mann, Mary Easter, Becky Heist, Ann Marie Wittenberg, Sharon Picasso, Thern Anderson, Sandy Agustin, Roxanne Wallace, Kaori Kenmotsu, Kealoha Ferreira, and Leila Awadallah. Above all, these performers transform the baggage of life experience (and yes, youth has its baggage) into a high-voltage look at women on the verge of what’s next. Media images by Steve Paul and a score by Michelle Kinney and Chris Cunningham enhance an evening of vibrant female power.