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Tim Slagle

Daily from Aug. 21-25
8 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 24-25
10:30 p.m.

One of Tim Slagle’s current projects is the podcast Rule of Three, which he co-hosts with fellow comic Bengt Washburn. Together they discuss a variety of topics for 10 minutes each. “We just recorded one while Bengt was at sea,” Slagle reports. “He was performing on one of the cruise ships, and he did it from his stateroom.” Slagle, who lives in Chicago, has no plans to work the boats. “I read Typee by Melville,” he explains. In that first novel by the Moby Dickauthor, two sailors jump ship, fearing they are on a ghost vessel that is destined to roam the seas until it finds a whale. “I think there are still ghost cruise ships out there,” Slagle insists, “with comics from vaudeville doing a clean show and a dirty show every night for eternity, and they have no idea that the passengers and crew died long ago.” When not podcasting or doing standup, Slagle enjoys listening to music. “I bought a new used car, and it was the first one I’ve ever had with satellite radio.” The vehicle came with a free three-month subscription to Sirius/XM and he has been hooked, mostly listening to the ’80s New Wave station. “I was always opposed to oldies,” he says, “so I hate to admit I’m enjoying the heck out of it… Now I understand what people were doing when they listened to oldies from their past. Those songs are attached to some really great memories.” 18+.