Tim Slagle

By comedian Tim Slagle's estimation, people seem to be loosening up. The conservative comedian has been doing jokes about Barack Obama since the July before the election. For a while he wasn't having much luck. "It was just my little fun game," he confesses, "just to see where audiences were. What I've noticed in the past month or so is that it's finally come to the breaking point. Before, most of the Obama material would just lie there; now audiences are actually starting to laugh. It's a relief." A lot of political satirists have a hard time straddling the line between humor and, well, something else. "Jon Stewart is considered a master of satire," says Slagle. "But for me it's just a bunch of crossed eyes and inflated cheeks, you know? That's satire? With good satire both sides should be able to see the humor in it." Politics is only about a quarter of Slagle's act, though. "I'm hitting on social networking and—I don't know how to say the other without giving it away." He then offers, "the other one is a comparison of computers to life, and a new one on the nature of lies." 18+.
Oct. 27-31, 8 p.m.; Oct. 30-31, 10:30 p.m., 2009

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