Tim Harmston

Daily from Sept. 6-10
8 p.m.
Daily from Sept. 9-10
10:30 p.m.

“We’re back in Minneapolis now getting ready for football,” says Tim Harmston. Well, he is getting ready. His lovely bride, the hilarious Mary Mack, is not. “She’s got a real aversion to fantasy sports,” he laughs. “There’s a punishment in my fantasy football league that if you can’t make it to the draft, or be online for the draft, my wife gets to draft your team. That’s a great policy.” Onstage, Harmston has been focused on the election, which is not his usual area of expertise. “Yeah, I was never a political comedian, but I decided to jump in and talk about these things because they are so pervasive,” he says, “and with the media and the constant drumbeat of this election it’s impossible not to think about it and talk about it.” One must step lightly when doing political humor. “The audience is going into a show to escape a lot of that stuff, so you have to measure how much is too much to talk about.” 18+.