Tim Bedore

Though he's a nationally recognized standup comedian, Tim Bedore has been staying close to home in the Twin Cities. "My daughter is 12 and we don't feel like letting her drive," he says via cell phone from a hockey facility. Why a hockey facility in August? "That's what we do here in Minnesota. When it gets really warm we head for the indoors where there's ice." The domestic life allows him to concentrate on his website, Vague But True (vaguebuttrue.com), and chat via phone on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. He can also contemplate things that may wind up in his stage act. Thoughts such as "sea sickness is proof that if God has a plan for everything; some of us are supposed to take the bus." Or "we shouldn't build a fence on the border with Mexico.  How will they get back in when they want to go home?" In addition to his joke telling, Bedore still treats audiences to what he describes as "the animal conspiracy Power Point slideshow." It's something he's done for several years now, and is hugely popular with his many fans. "I started in art and film, ended up in standup and radio, and never got to work in video at all," he explains. "To get to do the slideshow after the standup is a treat, because I get to work with visuals as well." 18+.
Aug. 24-28, 8 p.m.; Aug. 27-28, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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