Tim and Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular 2010

Christmas is stressful enough as it is without television getting in the way—the faux-heartwarming holiday moments shoehorned into usually crass sitcoms; the chirpy daytime cooking shows trying to one-up each other for ways to make your seasonal ham more convoluted; smarmy pundits snuffling about how department stores wishing customers "Happy Holidays" constitutes a "War on Christmas." So who better to deflate the artificial cheer of the holiday special than Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, two comics who specialize in turning the inanities of daytime basic cable and public access into a fever dream somewhere between Mr. Show absurdity and David Cronenberg body-horror. The Tim & Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular promises holiday-drizzled comedy sketches, disconcerting outfits, elaborate musical numbers (including a performance from '70s boogie-rock good-timers Pusswhip Banggang), a special appearance from gravelly insult comic Neil Hamburger, and more awkwardness (and entertainment) than a conversation with an uncle you haven't seen since Christmas '98.
Wed., Nov. 17, 8 p.m., 2010

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