Til Death Do Us Part

Karen O'Bryan and R.M. Hanson are not only a couple, they are artists as well and will share their love-inspired work in the Rogue Buddha space. Aw, doesn't that sound sweet? Maybe not; rather than explore the ways that love makes one feel like the world is filled with lollipops and dew-eyed bunnies, "Til Death Do Us Part" examines the its darker side. O'Bryan's candy-colored paintings show people in animal masks that are as ominous and mysterious as they are whimsical and sweet. Hanson's work is filled with sharp-toothed monsters that look like they would enjoy gnawing on Bambi as a small snack. Overall, the two very different tones of artwork go nicely together, like tart fruit and sweet wine. The show is open Wednesday through Sunday this week, and l'etoile magazine plans to throw a closing party from 8 p.m. to midnight Sunday, titled Paper Hearts.
Feb. 5-14, 2010

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