Ruthie Wyatt


Tig Notaro

June 22
8 p.m.
Comedy, LGBTQ

After battling some serious health problems in the past few years, comedian Tig Notaro feels great. “I am utterly happy and healthy, as far as I know,” she says, “and do not have a complaint in the world. It’s embarrassing, frankly.” The way she discussed her health problems onstage, along with other personal challenges she was facing at that time, helped vault her to the level of comedian’s comedian. Her act has drawn praise from noted contemporaries like Louis CK and Sarah Silverman. Comedy fans have known for years that she is absolutely hilarious with her low-key, deadpan delivery. Before doing standup, she worked as a music promoter, a job that paid dividends when she switched to comedy. “Knowing that an artist or performer has to focus on getting themselves to a certain place before any industry executives can really step in and do something for their career was something I learned,” she says. “You have to get your contraption off the ground first before someone is going to want to step in and assist in keeping it afloat.” With Fortune Feimster.