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Tiffany Norton

Dec. 21
7 p.m.

Tiffany Norton is a proud native of St. Paul. “In St. Paul, we have bit of a chip on our shoulder,” she concedes. “We’re the older city, but Minneapolis gets all the fun stuff.” Norton started writing jokes in college, and kept a notebook full of them for years. “I didn’t know how all that worked,” she says of standup comedy. “I thought you had to be special, or someone would tell you it’s something you should do. In a way my teachers told me that, because they said I talked too much. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-30s that I started.” By then, she had a solid broadcasting career and is probably most recognized in the Twin Cities as the executive producer of the Moon and Staci Show on KS95. Standup gives her a slightly different platform than the radio show, though occasionally the two paths will cross. “Sometimes we’ll talk about something on the show that I can talk more about onstage. Or we’ll be talking about something on the show that I might have a bit about, so it can work both ways.” Norton will perform Thursday night at the Joke Joint. Others standups scheduled this week include Tommy Thompson (Friday) and David Harris (Saturday).