'Through the Narrows' Z Puppets Rosenschnoz


Through the Narrows

June 1
7 p.m.
June 2
4 p.m.
June 8
7 p.m.
June 9
4 p.m.
June 15
7 p.m.
$10-$25 (pick your price)
Art, Family Events, Theater

Through the Narrows is part play, part crafting session. The event starts out with a puppetry show that, as seen through the perspectives of a centuries-old woman and a small boy, incorporates Moses crossing the Red Sea and the Trail of Tears, a series of treacherous forced relocations of Native communities in the mid-1800s. Created by Z Puppets artists Shari Aronson and Chris Griffith, with music by Greg Herriges, the production draws on Jewish and Native American histories to explore the notion of strength. After the show, audience members are invited to create their own small—but strong—puppets to take home. Performances are limited to 15 people, so be sure to reserve a spot in advance. Find tickets and more info at