Three Jerome Artists

Northern Clay Center's latest exhibit, "Three Jerome Artists," serves as an excellent reminder that provocative clay artists are creating work beyond practical earthenware. Roxanne Jackson's pieces are drastically different from what many may expect when imaging art executed in the medium. Her sculptures often explore the lines between animal-like and civilized, between grotesque and beautiful. Her more recent efforts include a dark clay skull, its gold-plated teeth bared as the human flesh rots away. There are also animal hooves reminiscent of high heels. Elizabeth Coleman's art has a deeply personal meaning; she often carves unfired brick clay to create odes to childhood memories. Coleman has even gone as far as to glaze and fire up toys, including plush creatures. "Almost 40 years later, these animals are my best friends, but they too are dying. I create urns for their ashes, memorialize them in portraits carved in clay, and transform some of them into Haniwa-like guardians," she states. Finally, Pete Scherzer's plates, teapots, and other household items are incredibly detailed, and intended to call attention to themselves rather than disappear into the background, as household items often do. During the show guests will also be able to check out work by Fogelberg Studio Fellowship and Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award recipients. The opening reception is from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, January 14. (Pictured: Roxanne Jackson, Cadaver Study)
Jan. 14-Feb. 27, 2011

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