Three Cartoonists. Two Graphic Novels. One Night.

It's not every day that the Twin Cities gets to celebrate the release of a new local graphic novel, let alone two in the same day. However, that is the happy reason for this publication party. Lars Martinson's Tonoharu: Part Two (Pliant Press) picks up where the last book left off, with junior high teacher Dan Wells living a lonely life hindered by cultural difference and language limitations in rural Japan. The beautifully illustrated publication follows him as he breaks out of his shell and meets new people. In Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny! Chapter One by Brittney Sabo and Anna Bratton, little Francis Sharp discovers a magical world in the woods behind his house, which is a welcome refuge from chores in his Depression-era New Jersey home. All three artists will be on hand to chat and sign copies at Big Brain, and as an added bonus you can share a beer with them at the after party at Grumpy's.
Sat., Dec. 4, 4-7 p.m., 2010

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