Miguel Gutierrez's 'This Bridge Called My Ass' Ian Douglas


This Bridge Called My Ass

Daily from Jan. 16-18
8 p.m.
Jan. 18
4 p.m.
Dance, LGBTQ, Performance Art, Theater

Each year, the Walker’s Out There series invites groundbreaking performance artists from around the world to give Minnesotans a taste of their work. This week’s installment is This Bridge Called My Ass. The name pays homage to Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua’s This Bridge Called My Back, a 1981 anthology that explores feminism through the perspectives of women of color, bringing us a very useful term: intersectional feminism. For Ass, movement artist Miguel Gutierrez explores another intersection: queer and Latinx identities. He does this through abstraction, satire, symbolism, and dry humping. In the first scene, performers both meld into one and shatter, playing with objects like fans, step ladders, and drapery. Part two dives into an absurdist telenovela, while the third act takes us back to the quest for understanding with a metal dog deity at its center. What does it mean? You’ll have to decide for yourself as Guiterrez shares his ass with you for 90 minutes. (Yes, there will be nudity.)