This American Life via Satellite

There's just something about Ira Glass. Maybe it's his awkward, thoughtful pauses when introducing the next act on his weekly radio show. Maybe it's his laugh; it's infectious. Perhaps it's his self-deprecating sense of humor. Whatever it is, Glass, host of This American Life since 1995, is an original hot nerd cut from the same cloth as John Stewart and the Flight of the Conchords boys. More than just having a host that makes public radio junkies swoon, This American Life tells stories that are sometimes touching, sometimes funny, but always insightful. For a sample, listen to "Matchmakers," which you can download at the This American Life website or iTunes. The "Nubbins" story is priceless. Once you're hooked, buy tickets for the upcoming This American Life event, a live screening of the radio-cum-TV show. Ira will be broadcast into movie theaters in all corners of the country for a two-hour program via satellite; the second-best thing to actually having him in town.
Thu., May 1, 7 p.m., 2008

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