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Third Annual Leftovers Ride

Nov. 24
4-10 p.m.
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For hardcore cyclists, there truly is no such thing as a day off. This Friday, bikers will haul their overstuffed bodies over to Surly Brewing Company for the third-annual Leftovers Ride. Hosts the Joyful Riders Club and Freewheel Bike invite everyone to meet up at 4 p.m. before cruising to an undisclosed location. Once you arrive, prepare to witness the crew going full Lord of the Flies as they burn a table. We’re not really sure why they’re burning a table, but it’s an annual tradition, and it sounds fun as hell. Once they’ve burned off holiday calories through biking, people will bring their sweaty bodies over to the Kitty Cat Klub to show off their sweet moves at the Hipshaker dance night. This is the best way to get a workout on Black Friday that doesn’t involve fighting someone at Walmart.