The Year in Denial: The Scrimshaw Brothers' New Year's Eve Comedy Extravaganza!


Local comedy mavens Joseph and Joshua Scrimshaw have had a productive year. Simply put, the two siblings have crafted some of the most memorable comedy of the past 12 months. Teaming up with frequent collaborator Levi Weinhagen, Joshua launched a new production company, Comedy Suitcase, and scored laughs out of the gate with the all-ages spoof The Harty Boys Save Christmas. Not to be outdone, Joseph and wife/creative partner/business manager Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw further established their production company, Joking Envelope, as one of the most reliably uproarious and socially relevant humor laboratories in the Twin Cities through such shows as The Damned Audition, Deadwood: The Last Bleeping Episode, and most recently Super-Powered Revenge Christmas #1. Indeed, there will be much to celebrate when the Scrimshaw brothers reunite at the Bryant-Lake Bowl for their seventh annual New Year's Eve performance. Titled The Year in Denial, the show promises a sampling of sketches, songs, and improv—including work the pair (along with Shanan Custer) originally penned for the nationally televised educational comedy show Mad About. Speaking of Custer, the writer/performer will be among fellow comedy luminaries Eric Webster and Tim Uren as the evening's special guests. With champagne and party favors provided, audiences need only be ready to welcome the new year with a laugh.
Fri., Dec. 31, 9 & 11 p.m., 2010

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