The Works of Frida Kahlo

One hundred years after her birth, the multiple identities presented through Frida Kahlo's paintings continue to reject straightforward ascription. "Frida Kahlo," currently on view at the Walker Art Center, features 46 of Kahlo's most exquisite canvases, including self-portraits, still lifes, and portraits of family and friends. This intimate collection celebrates the legacy of the Mexican artist while providing poignant points of access to the central questions that guided Kahlo's work throughout her career. Her ruthlessly direct yet self-conscious portrayals of her life and self reveal Kahlo's ever-evolving quest to mediate the disparate worlds in which she lived; she sought to define herself as an artist, an indigenous woman, a childless mother, a wife, and a convalescent living within a broken body. "Frida Kahlo" also includes 90 photographs that belonged to Kahlo and Diego Rivera. These seemingly candid snapshots, shown alongside portraits taken by renowned photographers of the day, document glimpses of the artist's cherished memories and simultaneously speak of Kahlo's perpetual negotiations of identity. Accompanying the exhibition, the Walker Art Center presents a richly diverse lineup of supplemental programs, ranging from lectures, studio classes, creative workshops, film series, performances, and a Day of the Dead celebration.
Oct. 27-Jan. 20, 2007

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