The Working Dead

Every Fri. and Sat. from Feb. 5-June 11
8 p.m.
Every Thu. from Feb. 18-June 11
7:30 p.m.
$25-$32; $18 previews
Delving into the familiar daily frustrations of sycophantic co-workers, purposeless projects, and brazenly unqualified bosses, The Working Dead, Brave New Workshop's latest comedy offering, will attempt to transform an otherwise maddening array of indignities into a hilarious parade of office insanity. Under the rapidly paced direction of Caleb McEwen, the ensemble created sketches that can be counted upon to spiral into absurdity without overstating their premise. Of course, the creative ingenuity of a charismatic troupe consisting of longtime favorites and relative newcomers (including Lauren Anderson, Ryan Nelson, Nissa Nordland, Kory Pullam, Tom Reed, and Taj Ruler) all but guarantees an invigorated blend of comic sensibilities. Josie Just will be making her debut as musical director, stepping into the role long held by Peter Guertin. With a little luck, the resultant laughter might just be enough to prevent further spread of office zombies. The show is in previews through February 12.