The Wizard of Oz: According to Graham Rawle

There's something very hallucinatory about The Wizard of Oz. The book is filled with political metaphors and bizarre situations; the movie is a manic icon of great Hollywood cinema. And then there are the whisperings that Pink Floyd's oddly paced Dark Side of the Moon works as a second soundtrack to the film. Needless to say, the Oz experience can leave one as dreamy, disoriented, and homesick as Dorothy herself. Artist Graham Rawle mainlines this bizarre, surreal, and sometimes unsettling world. Using hand-carved dolls, dogs, and demonic monkeys, he photographs major scenes from L. Frank Baum's beloved series. Some images—bears wearing tiger masks, for example—will be new to those who have not read the books. Other shots, such as the field of poppies and Emerald City, will be instantly recognizable. The end result is a show as colorful as a rainbow, as playful as Toto, and as wickedly humorous as the witch herself.
May 22-June 28, 2009

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