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The Wiz

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“I’m not usually one for adapting Eurocentric endeavors and putting an African-American spin on them, but this one is different,” says Lou Bellamy about The Wiz. Its creators, he explains, “came up with something that is uniquely theirs, and ours.” Bellamy is directing a new production of the 1974 R&B musical at the Children’s Theatre Company in a collaboration with Penumbra Theatre. Most of the acting talent will come from Penumbra’s company, with mother-daughter duo Jamecia and Paris Bennett playing Glinda and Dorothy. The show’s setting, says Bellamy, will be inspired by the Great Migration. “Dorothy starts out in a black town in Kansas, of which there were many. The tornado drops her in Coney Island, and that’s where the Munchkins are. She goes to the zoo, where the lion is. The Emerald City is Harlem.” Where does Oz the Great and Powerful hold court? Bellamy doesn’t want to spoil the surprise, but here’s a hint: For actor T. Mychael Rambo, it’s star time.