The Weakerthans

Given the tender folk-rock leanings of the Weakerthans, it's a little hard to imagine that founder and lead singer John K. Samson spent years as a part of Canadian thrash-core outfit Propagandhi, buttressing the punk riffs and leftist politics with a pronounced sense of melody. But, even though Samson has now abandoned a rough sound for one more polished and intricate, his lyrical talent has remained sharp, breathing life into vivid, heartbreaking character sketches. Over the course of four albums, the Weakerthans have shifted from fragile acoustic numbers to more expansive, muscular rock, but Samson's bookish leanings remain the cornerstone on which the band is built. But, for both potential and long-time fans, the window in which to see them live is rather small (they don't tour often, and when they do, the schedule is limited), so to miss this opportunity would be a mistake. With Rock Plaza Central. 18+. (Photo by Brook Reynolds)
Sat., Sept. 26, 8 p.m., 2009

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