Teens share powerful stories of immigrating to the U.S. Image courtesy event organizers


The Voices of St. Paul’s Immigrant Youth

June 28
7 p.m.

Young writers will share their experiences and stories at this talk and reading, titled “The Voices of St. Paul’s Immigrant Youth.” The event features teens who participated in a residency with the nonprofit Green Card Voices at St. Paul’s LEAP school last year. The students worked with their teacher and Hamline University graduate students to create a book of essays and online video narratives. The collection, Green Card Youth Voices, was published last summer, and was a finalist for the Midwest Book Awards. It showcased the work of 30 young people from 14 countries. This week’s reading at the East Side Freedom Library will feature three individuals who were part of the project: Karen writer Jae Nay Htoo, Djibouti writer Nima Ahmed, and Hmong writer Anta Thosaengsiri. They’ll share their stories of migration, family, and personal experience.