The Violet Rise (Album Release Show)

Dec. 15
7:30 p.m.
Reggae, Rock

Who knows exactly where Sasha Druva became a musician. He was born in Australia, but his family moved as many as 16 times when he was a kid. Among the places he’s called home: Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Seattle, and Minneapolis. Eventually, family brought Druva back to Minnesota, where he was introduced to bassist Jacob Finney and drummer Kevin Weinreis. Together, they form throwback psychedelic blues trio the Violet Rise. The joke among the threesome is, “Who knows what Sasha wants us to do?” Somehow, they’ve figured it out, as the band are celebrating the release of their eponymous debut album on Thursday. One of the guiding lyrics on the LP is “Can you live without love?,” a question that’s been plaguing Druva lately. “This world is kind of scary, especially currently,” he says. Other tracks on the album tell stories or are blues-based love songs inspired by the 28-year-old’s relationship with his wife. “The ultimate goal,” Druva says, “is to be a mix between Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.” With Dread I Dread and the Lone Crows.