The Vignettes (CD-Release)

Like the hardy mammals that, through pluck and heart alone, survived the ice ages of past eons, rock 'n' roll seems to be stripping itself to its nude essentials in an environment ever-threatened by usurping genres. Is it a matter of aesthetics or survival that sees our stages and boomboxes populated by threes and twos where fives and fours once stood? Fuck Knights, Knife World, Birthday Suits: Across the board, our best and brightest seem to be those essential light travelers who would only be encumbered by extraneous pieces. And the Vignettes keep that company. Like the above-mentioned acts, the Vignettes pack light and fast, with no motion wasted. Loud, rough, and inexact, they are a most urgent spectacle to behold, be it in a ratty basement or a three-foot-high stage.
Thu., May 13, 9 p.m., 2010

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