The Twilight Sad

If My Bloody Valentine is the loudest live band, the Twilight Sad may be the most intense, thanks to their brooding frontman, James Graham. Though Graham rarely engages the audience, preferring to sing while staring off to one side, he's nonetheless a commanding presence and provides a much-needed visual anchor for the band's ominous squalls. A Scottish brogue as thick as his might be distracting with sparer arrangements, but when backed by guitarist Andy MacFarlane's molten feedback, his accent actually serves as a welcome folksy counterpoint. Last year's Forget the Night Ahead lacks its predecessor's volcanic peaks, but what it sacrifices in scale it gains in power: Songs like "Made to Disappear" and "The Neighbors Can't Breathe" find the rhythm section adding their own driving, assertive stamp. No one would describe the Twilight Sad as controlled, but Night certainly proves them capable of tightening their grip. Opening for Japanese instrumental rockers Mono. 18+. (Photo by Nic Shoenfeld)
Wed., May 19, 8 p.m., 2010

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