The Tribe & Big Cats (CD-release)

The Tribe and Big Cats! debut album, Forward Thinkers, Movers, Shakers, succeeds in appealing to a wide audience of rap fans. Big Cats! and DJ Pete's beats are awash in synths, soul samples, and drum slaps, arranged in a variety of styles but with a consistency that brings everything together. Similarly, MC Truth Be Told weaves between a number of themes smoothly and seemingly effortlessly, sounding equally adept at recounting tales of inner-city struggle as he is with non-sequitur punch lines (often times in the same song). The Tribe and Big Cats! will be joined by I.B.E., Mally, and special guests at their CD-release show (and will also be playing a free, all-ages set earlier in the day at Fifth Element). For more on the Tribe and Big Cats!, check out
Fri., Jan. 21, 9:30 p.m., 2011

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