The Ting Tings

It's one thing to absorb the styles of Chic, Devo, and others that were cool before Katie White was born, and quite another to reproduce aspects of specific songs to the point where a guilty pleasure becomes an annoying one—and without the recontextualizing benefits of sampling or outright covering. But credit the pleasure side of the Ting Tings equation for this sold-out show, and the likelihood that the U.K. band will eclipse its sources in the heat of kids shouting along. Singers/multi-instrumentalists White and Jules De Martino structure and deliver dance pop in a way that makes you realize how rare their skills are in a vast field, and their live rock-duo spectacle stands with the White Stripes'—no, seriously—even if their recordings don't yet. With Hottub. All ages.
Mon., April 6, 6 p.m., 2009

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