The Success of Failure (or, The Failure of Success)

Cynthia Hopkins returns to the Walker to present the final chapter of her Accidental Trilogy, which to date has represented some of the most beguiling, moving, and engaging music-theater in recent memory. Last seen in the bittersweet, wildly veering Must Don't Whip 'Um, Hopkins lands in town with something that sounds even more ambitious and difficult to describe. The first act is composed of a sci-fi mythological epic, while the second delves into autobiography (and a meditation on personal mortality, our friend the elephant in the corner). The proceedings will be abetted by video and animation, an elaborate sound design, and the contributions of Hopkins's band Gloria Deluxe (whose sound could capture ample attention minus the bells, whistles, and excellent narrative). Hopkins's aesthetic is as elusive as it is intoxicating; one feels eager to go to the edge with her, to enjoy the view, to hear the sounds, and to luxuriate in the story.
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 16. Continues through April 18, 2009

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