The Skull Defekts, Zomes

The favorite band, no doubt, of phrenologists everywhere, Sweden's the Skull Defekts exist on the experimental frontier of rock, where psychedelia, the roots of metal, punk, minimalism, and drone intersect. Massed guitars à la Sonic Youth create a dense mat that undulates, throbs, and whips about as it's pummeled by blistering percussion while Daniel Higgs's prickly vocals try to pierce its mysteries. Zomes, the alter-ego of guitarist Asa Osborne, similarly probes repetitive, cyclical figures that buck and sway in paroxysms of sonic excess, where drone and distortion is the architecture of fresh expression. Incidentally, Higgs and Osborne were half of the influential, cult-fave band Lungfish. With Danial Higgs, Whitesand/Badlands. (Photo by Johan Döden Dahlroth)
Sun., March 27, 9 p.m., 2011

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