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The Sklar Brothers

Daily from March 15-17
8 p.m.
Daily from March 16-17
10:30 p.m.

The Sklar Brothers have done what few comedy duos have achieved: developed a truly organic standup act. It helps that, as twins, they’ve known each other since birth. “We’ve thought about doing stuff separately—and we have done stuff separately—but I think we quickly understood this is a cool and unique thing,” says Jason. “There aren’t a lot of twins in comedy, and if we do it well we will stand out among other comedians and among other teams. If we stopped doing this and went and did our own things, we would know how to be on stage, and how to write jokes and do material. But we’d also be starting over in a lot of ways. We’ve spent 25 years working on our team, and it would be a shame to leave it.” “It’s nice too,” adds Randy. “Because we can talk about things from our childhood and everybody’s on board and they believe it.” 18+.