The Sklar Brothers

Identical twins Randy and Jason Sklar, who emerged from the womb cracking wise and finishing each other's thoughts, consider standup an ideal art form to express their good-natured, Sklarcentric view of the world. "Taking the stage together is fun because we love telling jokes, and we enjoy acting and playing characters as well," says Randy. At any moment the brothers—who have guest-starred on shows like Curb Your EnthusiasmEntourage, and Gray's Anatomy—may illustrate a point by breaking into a sketch scene, one recent example being an uncomfortable exchange between Snow White and her husband at the breakfast table eight months after their honeymoon: "Okay, I just want to go through your thought process on the day we met. You saw a dead person lying on the ground and decided to kiss that dead person?" Can't get enough of their absurdly logical tag-team humor? Check out Sklarbro Country, their weekly podcast, at or subscribe to it for free on iTunes. The Sklars' sports-loving fans are psyched about the upcoming season three of Back on Topps, their award-winning webisode series lampooning the Topps trading card company (watch the first 25 episodes at For more on the Brothers Sklar, including their soon-to-be-released third comedy CD, visit 18+.
June 16-18, 8 p.m.; June 17-18, 10:30 p.m., 2011

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