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The Singles Exchange No. 5

Feb. 28
6:30 p.m.

You have a wonderful friend. While your friendship may be flourishing, your friend’s love life has hit a dry spot. With their blessing, it’s time to help them out. At the Grown-Up Club’s Singles Exchange, friends with single friends create a PowerPoint presentation for an audience who also have awesome yet currently single friends. Onstage, people share flattering (and amusing) photos, tell endearing stories, and explain why their friend’s quirks aren’t deal-breakers. After the presentations, a mingling session ensues, where friends help hook friends up. “We’re not trying to be OkCupid. There’s no algorithm or science to it,” event organizer Regan Smith elaborated to City Pages earlier this year. “It’s really just an opportunity to a) get creative in making the PowerPoint presentation, and b) to celebrate your friends.” Tickets and more info can be found at at