The Shows

Produced by MNfashion, the Shows is one of the biggest runway events of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week. Designers selected to participate are experienced professionals who have shown collections at previous MNfashion-sponsored happenings. Wednesday's talents include Christopher Straub, Cocoon, Lisa Hackwith, Tim and Thom Navarro, and Samantha Rei. On Thursday, pieces from Idle Child, Emily Trevor (formally known as Union), Caroline Hayden, and Lindsey Hopkins will be showcased. This season, the Shows are on trend with New York Fashion Week, and will feature spring/summer collections. "Last season was our most successful to date, so we're excited to build on that momentum with this lineup of designers," says Katie Schutrop, marketing director for MNfashion. "This season, the collections for the Shows range from ready-to-wear to more conceptual. Expect to see tailored pieces for everyday, graphic prints, feminine dresses, amazing headpieces, and more. There will be plenty of must-have items for spring." (Pictured: Designs by Lindsey Hopkins, photographed by Rhea Pappas)
Sept. 25-26, 7:45 p.m., 2013

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