The Search to See II: Photographs from the Collection of Frederick B. Scheel

The Frederick B. Scheel Gift to the MIA Photography Collection: Part 2

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

"Searching to See II: Photographs from the Collection of Frederick B. Scheel" is like the ultimate photographic supergroup. The gallery, which highlights the collection of more than 600 photos, features some of the most important names in the history of photography, displayed in perfect harmony showcasing various styles and subject matter from artists in top form. Featured are the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who shot almost his entire career on small format black-and-white film and advanced the notion of the "decisive moment"—pictures that captured the second just before an event or action. Also included is Mahatma Ghandi by legendary war and political photographer Margaret Bourke-White, famous for taking the photo that graced the cover of the first issue of Life. The gallery also makes room for unconventional photographers. Surrealist portraitist Philippe Halsman's iconic shot Dali Atomicus depicts Salvador Dali leaping through the air with three cats and a bucket of water flying by. This was one of the first Halsman images to show a famous subject in midair, a style that became his trademark for celebrity portraits. In addition to these greats and others, Scheel himself was no slouch behind the lens—some of his own photos also appear in the gallery.
Dec. 1-March 30, 2007

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