The Reapies

The Reapies are the Twin Cities' standup comedy awards, where the past year's outstanding comedic accomplishments are recognized and then promptly ridiculed. This boozy and schizophrenic anti-celebration has been produced for the past four or five years (nobody cares to find out for sure) by Bob Edwards and the Minneapolis Comedy Death Squad (Patrick Bauer, Wayne Burfeind, and Chris Maddock). Standup comedians can be reticent about excessive public adulation. As such, many greet this annual tradition with a weird melange of suppressed envy, jovial hostility, and glee. Ask a comic to describe the Reapies, and the most common reply will be some derivation of "circle jerk." The award itself is a hand-crafted upside-down cross decorated with lighthearted satanic symbolism. But strip away the self-consciousness, the forced misanthropy, the occasional bout of outspoken back-biting and public recrimination, and what you find is a thriving and diverse group of writers and performers who have every right to celebrate their continuing accomplishments. Nominees may wear an ambivalent face as the event approaches, but the winners grin like fools. If you've never been, fear not: All are welcome.The show is well-attended, not only by comedians but by civilians and comedy nerds of all stripes — so much so that this year it's moving up from the basement to the larger main room of the Corner Bar. Rumor has it somebody's buying a keg.
Sun., Feb. 16, 7 p.m., 2014

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The Corner Bar

1501 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


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