The Queers

There's an air of seriousness around some punk-rock bands, groups that are born out of conviction or righteous political dissent, bent on screaming the truth over a squall of guitars; the Queers have none of this. They're the pranksters slamming every last beer at the party and then stealing your car so they can make it to their own show before last call, but over the course of a 28-year career, they've polished their brand of snotty three-chord punk until it gleams. Their pop hooks might as well be anchors, grounding what would otherwise be paper-thin jokes with a style ripped right out of the Ramones' playbook (with some secondhand Beach Boys thrown in for laughs). It's not groundbreaking, and you might consider songs about easy drugs and cute girls almost offensively juvenile, but the Queers are intent on taking the hot air out of rock 'n' roll with bouncy, short, confectionery-sweet songs that stick around like gum in your hair. There's no way they're stopping now. With Kepi Ghoulie, the Riptones, and International Espionage! 18+.
Thu., Dec. 9, 8 p.m., 2010

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