The Purest Spiritual Pigs' The Swine Show

In 2007, musician and visual artist Helena Thompson, founder of Purest Spiritual Pigs, had a bunch of leftover bits of music that hadn't become songs after finishing her EP. She decided that instead of discarding them, she'd give the leftovers to a group of choreographers to see what they could do with them. She invited Sarah Gordon, Dylan Skybrook, Hijak, Jaime Carrera, and several others to create pieces based on her music for a show called Shreds, which was performed at Bryant-Lake Bowl. On December 10 and 11, she's reviving Shreds as part of Purest Spiritual Pigs' The Swine Show. In addition to choreographers, Thompson has opened up the collaboration to video and film artists, including Cody Bourdot, Jaime Carrera, Alicia Dvorak, Sarah Gordon, Natasha Hassett, Tyler Jensen, Jeffry Lusiak, Raymond Rea, Heather Spear, and Thompson herself. The Swine Show will also include live performances of songs from Purest Spiritual Pigs' new CD, Body Misses. Because the CD involves multiple tracks of Thompson playing different instruments, she says it took a while to figure out how to play the songs live, which she'll do by playing scaled-down versions along with Natasha Hassett. In addition, the show will include video documentation of Purest Spiritual Pigs' conceptual work.
Dec. 10-11, 10 p.m., 2010

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