The Proclaimers


Almost nobody knows the names of Scottish twins Charlie and Craig Reid. Few, in this country anyway, probably know the Reids' band the Proclaimers. But everybody, everybody, knows "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," the beyond-colossal hit that went from an obscure but catchy song to a top 10 single in both America and Europe. When the tune was released on 1988's Sunshine on Leith, it was ignored. But in 1993 the up-tempo ditty was featured in the Johnny Depp film Benny and Joon, and the song became an international sensation. Then, nothing happened for the folky lads. The public turned away from their lyrical brand of alt-country and poetic folk originals, and the band fell largely back into obscurity. Now, back on the road supporting their seventh studio album, Life with You, they're discovering a new appreciation for their music, beyond "I'm Gonna Be." The British music press has gone gaga over their renewed energy and stage presence, and interest in America seems to be gaining momentum as well. If you can't see them at the Fine Line, try Sunshine on Leith; it's a powerful folk-pop album callously mined for one song, and discarded without a second thought. Now, by touring and recording again, at least Charlie and Craig Reid are ensuring they won't meet the same fate. With Jeremy Fisher. 18+.
Sat., May 3, 8 p.m., 2008

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