The Pleasure of Your Call is Requested

New Year's Day 1875: The Alexander Ramsey House hosts 100 visitors participating in traditional, formal, short appearances at their friend's house. The ornate mansion is decorated for the holidays, complete with a stately Christmas tree, and the Ramsey's staff prepares and serves their guests quality food and drinks. Mr. Ramsey writes in his journal that the day was "pleasant." The New Year looked promising for these respectable citizens. New Year's Day 2009: You wake up around noon with the year's first mind-splitting hangover that impairs your ability to tally the pre-ball-drop vodka and Red Bulls and the post-midnight champagne. You survey your apartment: Empty bottles decorate every horizontal surface, with noisemakers, party hats, and red Solo cups half-full of god-knows-what scattered everywhere. Happy friggin' New Year. To avoid this scene, be sure to get plenty of sleep on New Year's Eve, so you're fresh to attend The Pleasure of Your Call Is Requested at the Ramsey House. The home will be decked out for Christmas, and following a tour of the mansion you can hit up the shop for a New Year's sale. It's much classier than what you have planned.
Thu., Jan. 1, 12-3 p.m., 2009

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