The One Show: Advertising + Design + Interactive

MCAD's "The One Show" is like the anti-Superbowl, or the antithesis to the increasingly mundane annual British Television Advertising Awards at the Walker. The last two offer a place for humorous and slightly weird TV ads. "The One Show," on the other hand, showcases ads that are creative, invigorating, and challenging works that allow the viewer to explore the delicate crossroads at which consumerism and product hawking meet genuine art. The results tend to be enjoyable, if a little jarring. For example, several of the ads honored are for brands and companies otherwise not associated with taking risks in advertising or art. Suppose you don't make it a habit to use Tide detergent, for instance. After viewing a Tide ad titled "Ketchup," consisting of a sweeping field of football players in white uniforms and helmets engulfing a small posse of opposing players in red, chances are you're going to think Tide the next time you're at Target. Even stuffy business mag The Economist gets in on the action, with a beautiful, detailed, red-and-white drawing of New York City with the slogan "Enjoy the Helicopter View" showing through the urban landscape. It might not be high art, but "The One Show" brings together intriguing, pretty things that are worth looking at. What else could you want in an art show? Public reception 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 10.
Aug. 24-Sept. 24, 2008

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